SkySurfer. Stylized сharacter modeling. Advanced ZBrush.

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My name is Sergey and I am a character artist.

I love my work and I have enough experience in creating stylised character concepts art and models. In this course I cover all my process of making a character based on my concept, trying to explain how to work with stylization, where to smooth the lines, how to make clean and neat shapes. I’ll also try to explain you my methods and ways of creating neat elements in Zbrush.

These videos will be useful for artists, who’ve already mastered the basics of ZBrush, and have at least a little practice in the field of sculpture and modeling. Also, I will comment on what is happening on the screen, and focus on the most important points, why all this is done and how it works.

Here are a few of the Topics covered:

Introduction of my workflow

Skulpting the character

Stylised Hard Surface

Posing the Character


Rendering in Marmoset (very briefly)

And More!

The total length of the video is 8 hours 12 minutes

Most of the video is accelerated up to x4.5, since I find it a convenient format for getting a full picture of the process and not missing important details. 

In this video there is no voice acting! Only titles in English and Russian!

Separate gratitude for the help of my wife Zhenya Katsukova, Marina Nechaeva and Michael vicente - Orb for his brushes!

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SkySurfer. Stylized сharacter modeling. Advanced ZBrush.

12 ratings
I want this!